The links below will take you to the websites that talk about the Chief White Owl neglect case.

Lesser Lawfirm video

WPTV News Channel 5

Slam Sports Wrestling

The links below are excellent websites obtaining all kinds of information about Nursing Home Neglect.

Voices for quality care

Families for better care

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 <------ Click here to sign petition

 <------ Click here to sign petition

  The arrows above point to two different sites with the same exact petition. We decided to put it on two different sites to reach out to more people. Please sign both! Thank you!

Below is our petition directed to the Florida House Of Representatives. Read it, comment, and help us put an end to nursing home neglect and abuse.

To: Florida House Of Representatives


We the people of the United States Of America demand stiffer laws and harsher penalties on all nursing homes. The elderly and disabled need maximum protection to keep them healthy and Safe. Let's make this a better world to live in for everyone. The Dahmer family is striving for:



*~*~In HONOR and MEMORY Of CHIEF WHITE OWL aka George Dahmer*~*~*

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